Sunday, 2 November 2008

Pumpkin carving - yay!

Ever more wet and grim this weekend - me and my lovely sister-in-law joined the kids at our local pub to take part in a pumpkin carving workshop.
Both very excited but had to concentrate very hard as we realised we had never done this before (clearly deprived in our youth)! Also didn't want to lose fingers when handling slippery pumpkins and using sharp knives!

Aww - don't she look happy carving a face in 'Frank' (the pumpkin).

Sisssstar carved 2 pumpkins in the time I did one. The big pumpkin is mine and the smaller one next to it is called 'Grouch' - after one of the locals! :)

Can you spot our efforts in the line-up??? Spooky!

We had so much fun we have agreed to attend every year and I have promised sisssssstar that we will grow many pumpkins and gourds on the plot next year - maybe enough to fill our houses! Yipppeeeeee!


jed said...

yippeee that was fun.

I love that i have been mentioned on your blog! frank and grouch are great even if i do say so myself.

Oh course yours was great although you can tell you are an artist! love you

sydney f curtis said...

1234 was a test. now I am back on line and can send what it has taken all morning to say. Now you can start to celebrate thanksgiving day, and start talking in an American accent. somehow, after all this time, I doesn't seem quite as funny as when I first tryed to send it.