Tuesday, 18 November 2008

A Greenhouse, A Mission, Some Photos

As you can see in the photo above we haven't had a lawn at the bottom of our garden for many years. Emma decided she didn't wan't a lawn but formulating a plan for the end of our garden appeared to be so low I assumed she was leaving it all up to the fairies that live down there. Sadly I think the high volume of cat crap may have driven the fairies away long ago, I just haven't the heard to tell Emma that.

At the weekend we took our new tiny little van up to Peterborough to pick up the greenhouse that Emma's parents no longer want. This is not a task I was looking forward to, as you may be able to tell in the above photo!

As traditional on these occasions I helped Emma and her dad the best way I could, by staying well out of their way!

It was my task while Emma and her dad were playing reverse Mechano to fit a stereo in the van, a task at which I roundly failed! In the photo above Emma has noticed that the rear panel in the tailgate of the van is held on by gaffa tape!


Emlahhhh said...

Gulp! It was easy enough to dismantle - I'm just crossing all fingers that it doesn't turn into the greenhouse nightmare from hell!

sydney f curtis said...

You could have a barn raising party as they had in the film Witnes, or you might just try and build by trial and error and hope you are no bits left over