Monday, 3 November 2008

A less than perfect autumn day

An ever growing list of tasks sees me dutifully facing what can only be described as a 'dank' day down at the plot (the atmosphere is more akin to a Susan Hill novel than the- 'ever so jolly hockey sticks' -Enid Blyton!)
I once thought it was only the wind that could blow me into a bad mood but I now realise the oppressive shroud of persistent mizzle* is enough to stir the darkest and blackest malevolence.

My achievements today can be measured mostly in wetness and mud.

Today, I do not like my 'jolly' vegetable growing lark. I seek the comfort of trifle!

*indistinctly a mist or a drizzle.


sydney f curtis said...

Was it the last of the chocolate trifel, or have you been indulging yourself whith even more home made confecinary

Emlahhhh said...

It was the remains of the chocolate trifle - yes.