Monday, 8 September 2008

Swat or suck?

We've just returned from what will probably be the first of many twilight visits to the allotments, I'll leave it up to Em to let you know exactly we got up to. Whilst I was there playing in the soil my mind wandered as it is won’t to do, although to be fair I’m the kind of man whose mind can wander even when it should be perfectly focussed and at it’s most lucid! As we were hounded by a moderately sized army of mosquitoes I pondered on the best way to deal with them. Swatting them and waving your arms around appears to be fairly futile, albeit hilarious to watch!

I wondered if my stomach acid could render innocuous any bugs these horrid things carry? Based on the fact I’ve spent many years (away from Em’s gaze) consuming some very questionable kebabs whilst gigging with my band I decided a mosquito should pose no great threat to my belly. SUCK! Ah, ignorance and problem solving rolled into one, this allotment must be doing me some good!

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