Monday, 1 September 2008

I'm tasty meat

Until yesterday I always thought that camping was the best way to get eaten alive by insects, but turns out doing anything down at the allotment greatly pleases and excites anything blood sucking for miles around! I have some huge lumps from yesterday's work, but being a positive sort I'm oddly pleased, I am tasty meat!

Last night I was also trying to figure out why my legs were do damned itchy. Then I remembered the huge bushes of of stinging nettles I gleefully charged through with the strimmer. What I didn't realise at the time was that the strimmer was not only slaying the nettles but also flinging the bits at high velocity at my bare legs!

I live, I learn, I itch, I love the bite clicker...


sydney f curtis said...

How I feel your pain. It's one reason why I have not been out in the garden as much as I should this year. It always helps to have a ready excuse in order to atchieve this happy situation. So far I have manage to mow the lawns and cut back some of the shrubs, without to much effort. Another excuse I use is that when the wealy bin is full I realy do not want to leave rubish all over the garden.

Emlahhhh said...

At first glance that bite looks like a nipple - ooer!