Sunday, 8 March 2009

The first cut is the deepest..

Well technically speaking the first grass cut of the year was the highest (setting) not the deepest, but that just didn't roll off the tongue as well! According to Emma today was the first time I've been to the allotment this year! She's been beavering away down there though, I was impressed to see some wire defences she has built around the fruit trees, as well as a low defensive wall you can see in the photo below. I'm expecting a moat next.
On closer inspection you can see that set inside the defensive wall are logs with holes drilled in them, and canes. Apparently this is to encourage insects to nest there, presumably Emma is hoping for some sort of stinging or deadly insects that can be trained into an unwieldy army or something.
This final photo may look a bit odd, and that's because it is. I took this in the kind of pouring rain that would discourage even the hardiest of photographers from exposing their equipment to the elements. Fortunately for you (the reader) I'm more foolish than hardy, so I took some photos anyway!

Hopefully Emma will post soon and explain in proper gardening terms what she's been up to. Until then...


Phill said...

Wow Emma and Androoo, it looks amazing!

I too had rain issues this afternoon, I was planning to strim all the paths, but got about 5 years in and it poured!

Oh and I moved all my blogs, the digging patch (if you want to re-link it) is now at

I have uploaded todays efforts for all to see!

Many thanks for the onion sets and the tatties, I plan to start planting next weekend if the weather holds!

sydney f curtis said...

What a brave little soldier you are Andrew. To brave the eliments after trying to live with a dicky tum shows a devotion beond the call of duty. I hope your lady was impresed. Mind you, the lass does seem to be getting on with the plot. I can hardly wait to come down and sit with you in the shed with a barrel of sherry