Thursday, 1 January 2009

Grow progress!

Wow, what a rubbish pun! I've just got back from my first trip down to the allotment in a few weeks, and Emma has been really busy digging squares for the fruit stick things she got for her birthday.

I decided to reassert my manliness on the shed by fixing a new hasp that can't be broken off with a child's toothbrush like the crappy old one.

I also attached a wee storage thing that I found in the loft to the back of the door and fitted some lovely blinds that I also found in the loft.

The real work of art this time though was the guttering, I need to 'womble' a bendy bit of pipe from somewhere so it's not quite done yet, but that seems to fit the general theme of having an allotment, there's a lot of things that aren't quite ever finished. Emma wants me to trim the guttering so that it actually fits the back of the shed, seems like a bit of shame to me!

The black thing that looks like a squarial on the side of the shed is the solar panel for the free light that came with the shed. It's gloriously useless as we're never down at the allotment at night, besides it's about as powerful as a child's toy!

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