Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Shed day - hooray!

Yipeeee! Very excited that we have finally received our shed!
Despite an unpromising start amid wind and rain we began our shed raising trial. Like an Amish barn raising it was not. Tempers were fraught, frowning was deep and swear words were ...well some - so not quite like the scenes in 'Witness'. However, wife and husband did not maim each other til one of us was deaded despite a rather heated debate on supporting the base (turns out we hugely misunderstood each other!)
The instructions said it MUST be built by two people - Pish! I think four would have been conservative as the elements were against us! But triumph we did.
It may not be entirely square or level and the door is a little on the 'huh' and the roof felt looks savaged by a dog.....in places, but it's up! And even though it has not been lovingly hand crafted from wombled materials it begins to acquire character and looks a rather handsome sentry of our grassy field with a strawberry patch!

Oh look - there's a rather handsome fella. A man at one with shed!


sydney f curtis said...

If the rain and wind is kept out and as long as you have a place to set up a chair within a hands distence from the barrel of beer and a good book, what more could you ask for.

Anonymous said...

cool! So now I can follow progress on yr blog as well as flickr. I can also come out of the closet and show you mine (oo-er) -Alspix/Al Anarchist