Monday, 18 August 2008

Birthday plants

With renewed enthusiasm for 'green-fingers' on the home patch, I'm again considering what to do with our little terraced garden. Hubby and I seem to agree that it would be a good idea to use as a mini nursery to raise the kind of plants that require a little more attention and tender loving care. We have begun talks on the possibility of installing an 8x6 glasshouse for this purpose.
For now (with ideas in embryo form), I'm indulging a desire to see some colour in the garden after randomly choosing five alpines (my birthday plants) at Katie's garden (independent local nursery near Ipswich). With any luck these will fill the gap at the base of the fence we had boshed up last year and soften the edges of our boundary.

Plant List - Dianthus deltoides Artic Fire (delicate and yet striking), Geranium incanum (again with the geraniums - these are my fav genus), Potentilla x tonguei (pretty flowers - bright apricot yellow), Aubretia ( I like purple), Sedum Voodoo (looked kinda sexy).

Lawn gone! Lawn gone! (Most likely location for glasshouse).

Yay - wheelbarrow! And I rebuilt the poly-shelf thingy.
All this I did on Saturday morning before 'the man' was out of bed!!! Yay for me. Boo hiss to him.

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