Wednesday, 23 July 2008

New Land:New Hope....

It was over eight years ago I first stepped through the gate and entered the world of allotment gardening. One gardening career, an NVQ and two years experience in organic growing later and I'm back and it's large!
Here begins the challenge to apply a little self-sufficiency in our Suffolk lives, to simplify the complexities of our busy existence and aim towards a more creative life in our consumer society.

So far - the grass has been cut and I didn't do it so minimal effort on my part - yipeeeee!

Soon to follow - a no-dig gardening philosophy (experimental) and a pink shed for useful things (and improved visibility from the train-yay!)

For now - lovely photos taken by lovely husband who has signed up as the under-gardener and wants to be given 'little jobs'. How little, I am unsure but his company and interest make me warm inside and if he promises to take flattering photos of yours truly, then quite honestly he can sit around drinking beer and I won't even mind him leering at me!


Emma Laws said...

Hmmm - sounds like a lot of hippy guff but I'm a sucker for literary romanticism!

sydney f curtis said...

Good start. loved the picture of the man with the funny head.

sydney f curtis said...

So Far not addictive, but interesting. If I can get into the habit of writing something every day, who knows how far the world of bloging will take me.